Why You Should Hire A Professional Web Designer

19th July, 2010 | Internet | Web design | Online marketing
Why You Should Hire A Professional Web Designer

You've got a little technical ability and a web design app - you can build your own website for 50p, you don't need a professional web designer....or do you? 

In this day and age where all things technical have become simple and accessible, it is tempting to think you can do everything yourself. While to a certain degree this may be true, when it comes to website design this can be a very bad idea. 

A website is a website...

You only want a 'website' why all the fuss? After all a website is just a website isn't it? Well, actually no it isn't. A lot more goes into the design and build of a quality website than meets the eye. Your website will be, more often than not, the first point of call for potential customers and it speaks volumes about your business in an instant. 

Create an impression

A website should reflect the business that it represents - the colours, fonts, images and layout all go hand in hand to make this happen. That subconscious first impression is incredibly important. Get it right and your visitors will read on, looking at more pages & possibly deciding to use your services...get it wrong and they'll go elsewhere. Attention needs to be grabbed and your message conveyed in an instant, this is something that a professional web designer understands. 

Website Structure & Navigation

A well structured website is easy and intuitive to navigate, requiring little or no thought to find your way around. It takes experience and planning to get this right something that can be overlooked by a novice...just because its functional, doesn't mean that it isn't important. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If a website is built without any search engine optimisation, it stands little chance of ranking highly with the search engines. There are many ways that your website can be optimised behind the scenes in the code to help your website rank higher - this requires knowledge and experience, and is not something that an amateur can achieve with a self built website. 

Cross browser compatibility

You may have heard this phrase batted around a bit - you may think that a website automatically works on all web browsers & all computers...unfortunately this isn't the case (thank you Mr Microsoft). Without knowledge of cross browser compatibility you run the risk of your website not working correctly in all web browsers. Differences in web browser display can sometimes be subtle & often not of great concern, but sometimes the differences are very big & can make the website unreadable & even unnavigable. Addressing the differences in browser behaviour is complicated and requires specialist technical knowledge. 

See the wood for the trees

A professional web designer has the benefit of being an external 3rd party to your business, they provide a valuable insight, can see the bigger picture & understand what your customers need to see on your website. Looking from the inside out makes judgements and design decisions that much harder even without taking your normal day to day business tasks into account. 

A website that you build yourself, or one built by little Johnny the whizz kid from next door, runs the risk of looking unprofessional and actually doing your business more harm than good. You wouldn't trust little Johnny to service your car so why trust him to promote your business?

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