It's all about Communication - Email addresses, what do they say about you?

11th August, 2010 | Business | Internet | Online marketing
It's all about Communication - Email addresses, what do they say about you?

Just as the design of your website speaks volumes about your business, so does your choice of email address. Use the wrong email account and you could be turning potential clients away.

E-mail is quick, convenient and easy to use. Most people that you meet in your average day will have at least one email address, if not more. What you may not realise though is that your choice of email address could actually be perceived in quite different ways.

Free email accounts

Hotmail, Gmail or an account provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) etc, there are plenty of free email services out there on the web. While these are ok for communicating with friends, or for using as an email address to register with online shopping websites etc, they are really not suitable for business use. If you have a website for your business but you choose to use a free email service it looks unprofessional and dare I say it, cheap.

What a free email account says about you: I don't fully grasp the internet, I've got an email address because I have to, I don't check my email regularly, I'm not comfortable with technology...I'm not professional in the way I conduct my business.

Your own E-mail with your domain name

This comes across as being much more professional straight off the bat, regardless of your choice of address. It shows that you care about details and that you are a 'proper' business, check your email account(s) regularly and are easy to contact.

Choosing an email address and what it says about you

info@, enquiries@ - I'm quite formal & business like, if you've got a question or a problem then I'll be able to help you.

myname@ - I'm business like yet personal & approachable. When you contact me, you will always be communicating with the same person - not a faceless business.

imquirky@ - I'm easy going, approachable and I use the internet a lot. While I'm comfortable with technology, I'm also personal & a little bit funky.

So before you decide what email address you will conduct business from, have a think about what it says about you, your business and the role that it will perform.

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