Norfolk Web Design - Helping The Local Economy

07th August, 2010 | Business | Internet | Norfolk
Norfolk Web Design - Helping The Local Economy

With so many web designers and web design companies to choose from all over the UK, it is tempting to choose a business that is based in another part of the country. But what would you miss out on - what are the benefits of using a Norfolk Web Design Service?

Local knowledge

Local knowledge is more than just knowing where roads lead to, or where shops are located. A Norfolk web design service will understand the local population, business competition, tourism and suitable marketing methods that work in that area. If you select a web designer from another region, you lose this valuable insight.

More than just a voice

Sometimes you need more than a voice at the end of a phone line or an email in your inbox. A local web designer will be happy to meet face to face and talk to you about your business and ideas. A face to face meeting over a cup of coffee (and maybe a slice of cake) can often be more productive and creative than a phone call or email could ever be...this is particularly important when it comes to more complicated or creative websites.

Investing in the local economy

When you employ a Norfolk web design service, you are helping the local economy. A local business uses local shops, businesses & suppliers. In my case, on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, I support as many small local businesses as I can & where possible avoid using large chains. Beyond the economy, this also has knock on environmental benefits with less petrol/diesel being used to transport goods/services - helping to create a smaller carbon footprint.

Web Design in East Anglia

I was born and grew up in Hertfordshire, regularly visiting Cambridgeshire and Norfolk throughout my younger years. After spending 14 years in London, I now live and work on the Norfolk/Suffolk border where I take pride in supporting local businesses and helping my clients with a wealth of local knowledge.

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