Don't Know Your Twitbook From FaceSpace?

Social Networking

Social Media & other Online Marketing methods allow you to reach potential users who wouldn't necessarily find or know about you or your website. Different Social Networking Applications tend to attract different types of people, so choosing the right social network & using it correctly is key.

Social Networking is not a quick fix, it does not generate instant traffic to your website - it takes a little effort on your part to make it work, but in the long run, the results can be well worth it. As well as helping to direct more users to your website and increase brand/company awareness, Social Networking can also be beneficial by helping to boost your rank in search engine results pages.

Pay Per Click Advertising

If you'd like to run a paid advertising scheme on one of the main search engines (Google, Yahoo! or Bing), I can setup, run & maintain the campaign for you keeping it within a given budget.

Online Advertising

Sometimes the best form of marketing is being placed in an online directory or having a banner placed on a suitable website - I can do research & offer advice to help you decide what might be best for your business.